Hello friends! Season 1 has wrapped and we are now in the pre-production stages for Season 2. As you can see from watching our past episodes, they get bigger and better each week. We will continue this standard for Season 2.

Just because our episodes will continue to grow in content and popularity, does not mean we will scarifice our timeliness in episode turnover. We will continue to make a high quality episode each week as usual. But we will need some help!

School has begun and we do not have as much free time as we had during the summer. We are looking for 2 energetic, intelligent, and enthusiastic partners to help us in the creation of our show. Below is a list of qualifications we are looking for.

- Must have seen at least 3 episodes of The Lee and Aaron Show!
- Must be able to work with a variety of different people in unsual situations.
- Must be able to think outside the box and help us think of new story lines.
- Be comfortable on camera.
- Must be able to help set up our green screen studio.
- Can handle instant fame and popularity well.
* Having a car is preferred but not required

Because our show does not generate any profit, we will not be able to have a paid position. You will however be paid in beer! Your compensation will also be learning the entire process of creating, shooting, editing, and marketing an internet television show. We use television quality cameras, green screens, lighting rigs, and use the same editing software as industry professionals. You will make some great friends and share one of a kind experiences as well! If you are interested in learning a lot, having fun and getting some hands on experience in video production please e-mail us or call with your information.

Contact us!

Please e-mail a short description of yourself and why you are interested in help us on our show and other video projects in the future. We will get back to you within 24 hours. Thank you for applying!

My e-mail address is: